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The board of directors of the Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA) at its meeting held on January 17, 2007, endorsed Regulations for the activity of the Health Fund within UBA. The initiative had been actually launched in the form of private campaigns, aiming to aid actors with live-saving medicines and means, necessary for urgent operations.

Since 2006, UBA works in partnership with the pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca. This partnership was the basis of the newly established Health Fund. The Fund was set up in order to organise the aid, extended by UBA, within a system, which will collect and provide means and medicines.
It was to our great satisfaction, that the idea for the Fund met the full understanding of both UBA members and partners, including sponsors, businessmen and politicians.

The Fund establishment was officially announced at the Ikar 2007 Awards ceremony and all income from the ceremony went to the Fund.
In a just society, people get what they have bestowed …. but from other people.
We are grateful to the firs who believed in us!


1. The Health Fund of the Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA) was created under art.3 of UBA’s Articles of Association with a decision of the board of directors, adopted at their meeting of January 17, 2007.

2. The Health Fund is not a separate structure within the Union’s system. It is not a separate legal entity or Union branch. The Fund was established in order to aggregate funds for the support of UBA members, who suffer from health problems.

3. The Fund raises resources in the following ways:
– Special donations from individuals or corporate bodies. Donations may be in the form of money or miscellaneous remedies or orthopedic appliances;
– Deductions from UBA’s budget in case of surplus in the income of the Union and depending on the amount of the surplus;
– Revenue collected by those UBA associations, which have declared their wish to join the Health Fund by a decision of their general assemblies. Such revenue is achieved by organising a minimum of one performance per year. In such cases, the association transfers to the Fund the whole sum from the sold tickets for this performance less the operating expenses covering the performance needs.
– Individual contributions from UBA members amounting to 10 leva per year, which are separate from the regular membership fee paid to the Union.

4. The money collected in the Fund and the value of the granted medicines and other auxiliary materials are registered in a separate account within UBA’s accounts and cannot be used for other purposes.

5. The collection and spending of money from the Fund are strictly controlled by:
– The General Assembly;
– The board of directors;
– The Controlling Committee
The information, related to the raising and spending of the funds, is available for all UBA members, regardless of whether they have applied for aid or have not.

6. The funds’ administration is carried out by a commission, comprising three members, who are appointed by UBA board of directors each year.
The commission of the Health Fund will hold meetings at least once every three months. If necessary, the commission may be summoned at an extraordinary meeting by each one of the members.
6.1. If a member of the commission is not able to perform his/her duties anymore, UBA board of directors will appoint another member to replace him/her within one month.

7. The aid extended by the Fund is available only to members, who have paid their UBA membership fees regularly over the past two years, as well as their contributions to the Health Fund.
7.1. When a member receives aid in the form of medicines or health care devices, bought by UBA or granted by health organisations, the aid is considered to be granted once within the calendar year. The member has no right to apply for aid for a second time within the same or the following year. By exception, the Fund’s commission may allow the extension of aid in the following year, in the occurrence of urgent health circumstances.
7.2. Order of aid extension excludes any privileges or preferences.

8. Aid is extended, according to the following procedures:
8.1. The needed person files a filled-in application form with the commission, mentioned in art.6. The application is sent to UBA’s address, which is Sofia, 12 Narodno Sabranie Sq. It is described and registered under a separate entry in a special registry book. If the concerned person is unable to submit the application, the board of the corresponding UBA association or a representative of the person may also raise proposal for the extension of the aid.
The application should be accompanied by a case history of the disease or other necessary documents, confirming the nature of the disease of the sick member.
8.2. If the number of the submitted applications require funding above the money that has been raised by the Fund, the commission will have to make a decision, according to the following criteria:
–Urgent need of medical help;
–Seriousness of the sickness revealed in the application;
–Financial abilities of the candidates.

9. The decision about the candidate arrangement and the grant of the requested sum is taken by the commission’s members with a consensus. A copy of the decision is submitted to UBA chairman and its head accountant for execution. A third copy is given to the concerned person.
9.1. If the commission members fail to reach an agreement, each of them has the right to raise the issue to UBA board of directors.
In such cases, the decision of the board of directors is final and cannot by appealed against.

10. The funds that have remained in the Health Fund account can be used by UBA members for medical prevention activities .
10.1. Medical prevention activities may by planned as follows:
– short-term activities;
– long-term activities.
10.2. The duration of these activities is determined in accordance with the available accumulated funds.
10.3. The short-term activities may include medical check-ups, vaccinations and etc.
10.4. The long-term activities are carried out with a decision of UBA board of directors, on proposal of the Fund’s commission. Decisions are taken depending on the current need of such activity.
Proposals for long-term activities have to be well-grounded and accompanied by the corresponding evaluation of the necessary means.

11. The Health Fund commission reports to UBA board of directors about its work at the end of each calendar year. The report should include financial details and the social effect of the Fund’s functioning.

The present regulations have been endorsed by an unanimous decision of the board of directors of the Union of Bulgarian Actors on January 17, 2007.
With the same decision, UBA board of directors assigned the appointed commission with the task to prepare all necessary documentation, regarding the Fund’s functioning, and to inform UBA memebers about their rights to benefit form the Fund.

UBA Chairman
/Hristo Mutafchiev/