The Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA) is a prestigious organization with long traditions. It is a court-registered legitimate artistic trade union organization. UBA membership identifies you in front of your employer or the state authorities. If you exercise a profession within the field of drama arts, you need to belong to a homogenous trade union. The fact that your membership identifies you as a professional and not an amateur is a milestone. UBA management advocates your interests at national level and only in the field of drama arts. Thus, it does not permit your interests to dilute into general social problems. Being a member of UBA, you are entitled to a collective membership into the International Federation of Actors (FIA). This will help you to identify yourself abroad, should you need to prove your professional affiliation. UBA membership also gives you the right to pursue your personal rights and agreed minimum wages in front of all employers (producers, distributors, radio and TV stations, movies), involved into agreement negotiations with UBA. Should your individual or joint project apply for financing from Bulgarian or international institutions, UBA will provide you with recommendation, guaranteeing your professional skills. For all forums, meetings and events that require not only personal qualities, but also representation, UBA may authorize you as its representative. Last, but not least, as a member of UBA, you will be given the chance to take an active part in the social life, especially if you are elected for a leading position.