Membership in the Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA) establishes your identity by concluding the collective agreement, and thus guarantees the minimum, yet obligatory, terms of your personal employment contract. In case that your rights have been violated by the employer, your union organization will raise the issue for discussion and will require the solution, which is best for you. In case of redundancies, partial or full winding-up, summary dismissal and etc., UBA will offer you legal advice. You are entitled to it by the paid up membership fee, and will benefit from being consulted by a specialist, who is well acquainted with the specific character of your profession. The provisional legal protection, offered by UBA, represents professional and legal advice about sample contracts for actors, directors, set designers and etc. The sample contracts encompass the labor and civil legal relations between artists and employers. For the purpose of your effective protection, we advise you to ask for a legal consultation, prior to the contract conclusion. In case of default or contract violation by the employer, UBA will take up the defense of your rights in court. UBA will offer you important protection in relation to the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act (CNRA). Prior to any contract signing, you may ask for preliminary consultations, and even after that, if you rights are derogated.

UBA will arrange, within its activities, branch agreements in the field of theatre, cinema, television and etc. Thus, it will regulate the minimum wage rates and conditions for its members. Although the present arrangements are not regulated by the law, it is another direct way to protect your interests. Indirect protection comprises UBA’s stand during the adoption of laws and by-laws, related to the cultural activity. The quotas for Bulgarian participation in the radio and TV programs will ensure job positions in the future. Similar effects have the laws for pension and social insurance, taxation and the state budget.