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Our Union

The Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA) is an artistic trade union organization, which represents the interests of its members in front of their employers and state authorities.
UBA is a legal entity with a registered office in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is represented by the chairman of the union.
UBA membership is open for everybody, who adheres to UBA organization chart, exercises professional activities within the theatre and related arts and duly pays the membership fee.

The structure of UBA comprises union associations as per place of employment, professional guilds and individual members.

   UBA Benefits
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   Agreements and protection
   Legal protection


 The Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA) is a prestigious organization with long traditions. It is a court-registered legitimate artistic trade union organization. UBA membership identifies you in front of your employer or the state authorities.    
 If you exercise a profession within the field of drama arts, you need to belong to a homogenous trade union. The fact that your membership identifies you as a professional and not an amateur is a milestone.

  UBA management advocates your interests at national level and only in the field of drama arts. Thus, it does not permit your interests to dilute into general social problems.

  Being a member of UBA, you are entitled to a collective membership into the International Federation of Actors (FIA). This will help you to identify yourself abroad, should you need to prove your professional affiliation.

  UBA membership also gives you the right to pursue your personal rights and agreed minimum wages in front of all employers (producers, distributors, radio and TV stations, movies), involved into agreement negotiations with UBA.

  Should your individual or joint project apply for financing from Bulgarian or international institutions, UBA will provide you with recommendation, guaranteeing your professional skills.

  For all forums, meetings and events that require not only personal qualities, but also representation, UBA may authorize you as its representative.

   Last, but not least, as a member of UBA, you will be given the chance to take an active part in the social life, especially if you are elected for a leading position.


We are pleased to invite every professional, engaged in the field of stage arts, to become a member of the Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA).

Should you wish to apply for a membership in UBA, you have to fill in the application form. You can get the application form from our head office.

After filling-in the form, you have to send it by mail to the following address - Sofia; 12 Narodno Sabranie Sq., Union of Bulgarian Actors), or you can send it by e-mail ( or submit it personally in UBA head office. Also, you are required to enclose a recent photograph with 35x45 mm dimensions. The latter will be used for the issue of a member’s card, which will certify you membership in UBA.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. To actively exercise their professional skills in the corresponding field of the stage arts;

2. To have turned 18 years of age;

3. To have acquainted in details with UBA Articles of Association.


-   Applicants, who partially meet the first membership criteria (for example – students in a certain theatre specialty) will receive statute of candidate-members until the full coverage of the above requirements. For the period until the full membership, they will pay a percentage of the membership fee. In such cases, UBA guarantees the minimum wage rates, agreed with TV channels and movie companies at 50%. The candidate is fully entitled to the rest of the rights.

-   Pensioner applicants pay 10% of the full membership fee.

 The filled-in application form and the enclosed request form are regarded by the corresponding guild’s chairperson. If the applicant meets all requirements, the request is endorsed and presented to UBA chairperson for approval. The applicant is advised immediately after the approval.

The newly accepted members and candidate-members receive their cards after payment of the membership fee for the next calendar year.

The fee is paid once each year. The payment must be effected not later than the 15th of December of the preceding calendar year. According to UBA Articles of Association, each member, who has not paid the membership fee in due time, automatically looses his/her membership rights.


As a member of the Union of Bulgarian Actors, you are entitled to the following benefits:


   Legitimate confirmation within the country and abroad of UBA members’ professional affiliation

      Free legal protection

   Information about UBA activities and the cultural events in Bulgaria and across the world

      Welfare benefits and rights on social initiative

      Fair remuneration guarantees

      Agreements and protection


1. Collective agreement (provisions, which must be stipulated);

2. Sample personal contracts (actors, directors, set designers and etc.);

3. Information about Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act (CNRA).


1. Contracts, minimum wage rates, protection;

2. Information about Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act (CNRA).


1. Contracts, minimum wage rates, protection;

2. Information about Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act (CNRA).

    Legal protection

  Membership in the Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA) establishes your identity by concluding the collective agreement, and thus guarantees the minimum, yet obligatory, terms of your personal employment contract. In case that your rights have been violated by the employer, your union organization will raise the issue for discussion and will require the solution, which is best for you.
  In case of redundancies, partial or full winding-up, summary dismissal and etc., UBA will offer you legal advice. You are entitled to it by the paid up membership fee, and will benefit from being consulted by a specialist, who is well acquainted with the specific character of your profession.
  The provisional legal protection, offered by UBA, represents professional and legal advice about sample contracts for actors, directors, set designers and etc. The sample contracts encompass the labor and civil legal relations between artists and employers. For the purpose of your effective protection, we advise you to ask for a legal consultation, prior to the contract conclusion. In case of default or contract violation by the employer, UBA will take up the defense of your rights in court.
  UBA will offer you important protection in relation to the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act (CNRA). Prior to any contract signing, you may ask for preliminary consultations, and even after that, if you rights are derogated.
  UBA will arrange, within its activities, branch agreements in the field of theatre, cinema, television and etc. Thus, it will regulate the minimum wage rates and conditions for its members. Although the present arrangements are not regulated by the law, it is another direct way to protect your interests.
  Indirect protection comprises UBA’s stand during the adoption of laws and by-laws, related to the cultural activity. The quotas for Bulgarian participation in the radio and TV programs will ensure job positions in the future. Similar effects have the laws for pension and social insurance, taxation and the state budget.


   The first society of theatrical figures was set up in November 1921 under the name Union of Bulgarian Artists, and the present Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA) appears as its moral and legitimate successor.The first chairman of the Union was TACHO TANEV, who was elected at UBA’s establishment in 1921.
   On September 19, 1924, the Higher Council, authorized by the Union with extraordinary congress rights, decided to merge the Union of Bulgarian Artists and the General Union of Bulgarian Drama and Opera Artists. The new organization was called Union of Drama and Opera Artists. It integrated ‘all artists from the National Theatre and Opera, as well as artists from the municipal theatres in the country, Popular Theatre, Tears and Laughter Theatre, United Theatre and etc.’ KRASTYO SARAFOV was chairman of the new organization.

VASSIL KIRKOV was elected chairman at the third congress, held in 1925, and subsequently re-elected at the forth (1926), fifth (1927) and sixth (1928) congresses.
At the seventh congress in 1929, the union got back its former name - Union of Bulgarian Artists and elected GEORGI STAMATOV for chairman. STAMATOV was re-elected at the next three congresses (1930, 1931, 1932). At the eighth congress, the union crated sections of the stage hand, circus and cabaret artists, choir singers and ballet dancers.

1933 was the year of the eleventh congress. It was the first congress, which provided data for the union membership. The members totaled 288, of whom 234 were regular and 54 auxiliary. Men were 201 and women 87. One of the important decisions was the creation of a fund for the construction of a Home for Theatre Veterans. VLADIMIR TENEV was elected chairman and re-elected at the following twelfth congress in 1934. At the thirteenth congress in 1935 he was elected honorary chairman of the union.

    STEFAN KIROV was chairman from the 13th congress in 1935 to the 15th in 1937.
VLADIMIR TENEV was once again elected at the 16th congress and remained in this position after the congresses of 1940 and 1942.
The 19th congress was held in 1945. The union, then carrying the name Union of Theatre Attendants, elected PETAR DIMITROV for chairman. He had used to be vice-chairman for many years before. DIMITROV remained at the chairman position until 1964.

The 20th congress was held in 1947. The union was once again renamed to Union of Artists and Theatre Attendants. A new name was created at the next congress in 1951, Professional Union of Artists and Theatre Attendants. Under the above name, the union, along with the union of the musicians and part of the artistic and publishing workers, entered the organization of the Trade Union of Art Workers in 1953.

In 1965 the union organized a founding congress, in order to transform itself into an artists’ trade union. MIROSLAV MINDOV was elected chairman. He presided at the union until 1968, when the plenary session of the Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA) elected RUJA DELCHEVA for chairperson.

In 1970, UBA held its second congress, electing LYUBOMIR KABAKCHIEV for chairman. He was re-elected at the third (1973), fourth (1977) and fifth (1982) congresses and remained at this post until his death in 1986. TSVETANA MANEVA replaced the late chairman, in her capacity as deputy chairperson.

The sixth congress, held in 1989, appointed VANCHA DOYCHEVA a chairperson, but, in fact, she was acting chairperson since 1987.

After the democratic changes, which happened in Bulgaria in 1990, UBA held an extraordinary congress, electing STEFAN ILIEV chairman of the union. Congresses were renamed ‘national conferences’, and were to be held biennially. The participants approved the union’s structure, which stipulated for uniting into professional guilds and union associations. They also approved UBA’s Articles of Association, which was amended and modified during the national conferences in 1992 and 1994. STEFAN ILIEV was re-elected then and continued to preside the union for 15 years.

The general meeting of UBA, elected on June 20, 2005 HRISTO MUTAFCHIEV chairman of the union.

     Today, UBA is a prestigious organization, which persists in following the goals and concepts of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, founded in 1921. This fact inspires us, but also emphasizes our great responsibility for the history of Bulgarian theatre.

TANEV, Tacho Ivanov
(13.X.1882, Malko Tarnovo, Chirpan region – 23.VI.1962, Bourgas) – actor, producer. He is the first chairman of the Union.

SARAFOV, Krastiu Petrov (06.IV.1876, Ilinden, Gotse Delchev region – 27.VIII.1952, Sofia) - actor, producer. Chairman of the Union: 1924-25.

KIRKOV, Vasil (15.V.1870, Karlovo – 28.IX.1931, Sofia) – actor. Chairman of the Union: 1925-29.

  STAMATOV, Georgi Alexandrov (01.I.1893, St.Zagora – 10.VIII.1965, Sofia) – actor, producer, theatre educationist. Chairman of the Union: 1929-30.


  TENEV, Vladimir Stefanov (10.VI.1882, Sofia - 07.V.1968, Sofia)
  - actor, producer, theatre figure. Chairman of the Union: 1932-35, 1938-42.




KIROV, Stefan Stefanov (3.І.1883, Sliven -30.ІХ.1941, Sofia) - actor, producer, theatre figure. Chairman of the Union: 1935-37.         


DIMITROV, Petar  (15. VIII. 1892, Chirpan - 15.1V.1967, Sofia) - actor,  theatre figure. Chairman of the Union: 1945-65.

MINDOV, Miroslav Atanasov (7. VIII. 1924, Yambol) - actor, 
                                producer. Chairman of the Union: 1965-68.

DELCHEVA, Ruja Nikolova (2. VIII. 1915, St.Zagora - 25.XI.2002, Sofia) – actress. Chairman of the Union: 1968-70..

KABAKCHIEV, Lubomir Petkov (1.ХII.1925, Kazanlak - 11 .VIII. 1986, Sofia) - actor,  theatre figure. Chairman of the Union: 1970-86.

MANEVA, Tsvetana Georgieva (30.1.1944, Plovdiv) – actress. Vice chairman and alternate chairman of the Union: 1986-87.

DOYCHEVA, Vancha Lubomirova (23.IV.1942, Sofia) – actress. Chairman of the Union:  1987-90.

ILIEV, Stefan Metodiev (25.VІ.1935, Istanbul, Turkey) – actor. Chairman of the Union: 1990-2005. 

MUTAFCHIEV, Hristo Stefanov (04.ІV.1969, Karlovo) – actor. Chairman of the Union: 2005 - down to the present day.

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